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The name THANATEROS is derived from a combination of the ancient gods Thanatos (death) and Eros (love). It comes from the chaos-magic order „Illuminates Of Thanateros“ (IOT). However THANATEROS is an independent band and besides the name there are no connections.

Thanateros is characterised by contrasts. These manifest as much in the music itself, as in the relationship between the music and the thematic background, which deals mainly with magic and shamanism.

Before the rise of the Christian Church an indigenous “pagan” kind of shamanism existed in Europe. Thanateros tries to utilise this through analogies and images from the Celtic mythology and its spirituality – the Celtic Shamanism – to illustrate the messages behind the songs. These are based on the personal experiences of Ben Richter, who has done an extensive amount of work on this subject, both theoretically and practically.

Nowadays only those people with a true interest in the pagan roots of Europe have knowledge of this shamanic heritage. Although the traditions of today’s groups cannot directly be traced back to the Middle Ages or earlier, they can still be called the heirs to this cultural legacy. Because of their intensive interest in this topic and the fact that they’re saving knowledge and ancient techniques that seemed to be lost, they create their own tradition. An example of this is the Ardaga Order of Neoshamanism and Modern Magic. Materialism, greed and emotional coldness, superficiality and egoism are characterising our age. An age in which an intact and respectful relationship between man and nature is no more than an illusion and in which mankind seems to have lost the way to itself. In this age of reason, that claims to be so progressive and enlightened THANATEROS tries to draw attention to our shamanic-magical heritage.

It is up to every one of us to take fortune in our own hands by regaining our inner strength and it depends on everyone to influence the way of thinking by using this power and face the world with love and confidence. Only then will we be able to become aware of the miracles and the beauty of life. And as every wish, every thought involves the possibility to come true it is up to everyone to achieve positive changes by using the inner power.

Of course, magic-shamanic topics like trance and voyages into the Otherworld, or the dealing with the powers of Mother Earth contrast with the “modern” spirit of our western culture. But the antithetical relationship between the music and thematic background is based on just this contrast. The modern rock/metal music of THANATEROS in its unique combination with traditional Irish/Celtic-Folk effectively supports the lyrics with their Celtic-pagan, chaos-magical content. In this way THANATEROS tries to connect the heritage of a long-gone time that seemed to be lost - the past - with the modern spirit - the present - to turn towards the future with hope and confidence.

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