THANATEROS „On Fragile Wings“

Date of release (VÖ): 25th of March 2022

  1. Kybalion (time to fly)
  2. Burn
  3. On the Barricades
  4. Coven of the Drowned
  5. Passengers
  6. Black Forest Calling
  7. We are the Ravens
  8. Source of it all
  9. Solitude
  10. Fading
  11. Nothing lasts forever
  12. Bonus Track: Running up that Hill


THANATEROS „Fading“ (Single)

Date of release (VÖ): 11th of March 2022

1. Fading

2. Immrama (22 trees remix)


THANATEROS „Coven of the Drowned“ (Single)

Date of release (VÖ): 11th of February 2022

1. Coven of the Drowned (Radio Edit)

2. Coven of the Drowned (Album Version)



Video „Coven of the Drowned“

Video „Fading“

Video „Electronic Press Kit“

Video „The Lost King“ – live at the Feuertal-Festival Wuppertal (27th of August)

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